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Kris-sey n.

I am the quiet one

Observation over Articulation

I am the work-harder, do better, always reformer whom you hate as the one a.m. email comes through about putting the finishing touches on a paper that’s not even due until next week.

Improvement is always Viable

I am the ghost light, always there but not always seen - staying after hours to perfect the act of majestically and silently leaping on the bench for the production of Peter Pan that was just cast.

Don’t underestimate the Details

I am the eyes looking on, watching, always waiting to soak in all that you have to teach.

Everything has something to Teach


Kris-sey v.

I am the challenger

Opinions should not be kept as Secrets

I am the voice that speaks for those who are afraid.

Equality is not a mere Guideline

I am the one who is determined, tell me I can’t and I will, bet me I won’t and I’ll win.

Quitting is not an Option

I am the creative one, the one with an idea to share or a solution to the unsolvable problem

There is a Method to Madness

I am the stubborn child, unyielding to the influence of society.

Loud is not always Right


I am the one who overcomes the voices who say “no” and “you can’t”

I am the one who defies gravity

I am the one who dances through life

I am the one who carries the banner

I am the one who boldly ventures into the woods


I am the only me and I am proud.

Hi! I am Krissey Browder, a high school senior at Wilkes Central High School and aspiring actress and theatre technician. Being so immersed in the theatre world, poetry has always seemed to speak to me and take shape in my mind like a miniature universe within the existing bounds of the already inhabited one. All my life people have told me that I can not do something, whether it be having a successful career as an actress or eating an entire pizza (I do not recommend the latter, for the record!). Instead of letting all of the negativity and doubt get me down, I made the decision from an early age to let is drive me in my pursuits, adding fuel to an already empowering passionate fire. I just recently completed work on my twenty-seventh production Where the Lilies Bloom where I played Mary Call Luther, the fourteen-year-old girl who tries to keep her family together as she keeps the death of her father a secret from the rest of the world. Mary Call has shown me what it truly is to be strong in a time of desperation and the value of loyalty to those whom you love. After finishing the show, I began to reminisce on past shows and what had gotten me to this point, the point I never would have imagined myself being at as the thirteen year old who was told she wasn’t fit to hold a script in her hand. Life takes so many unexpected twists and turns and I have learned to cherish each and every shadowy cave and sunny valley.

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