Unwitting Ego

The most hated people I've come to know

Love themselves more than they should show.

The last place you'd see them is low

In their own minds that is, they're really hoes.

Romantic and flowery, they unfortunatly spoke

Leaving the others to think them a joke.

I joined the crowd too, waiting for a choke

To gaze down and laugh at the self serving gloat.

How could they live with such crippling smugness

No purpose could be served musing amung us.

I thought that way till I was dragged on a bus

And was forced to feel the art giving snugness.

Importance hit me, with the to irony tote

Aestetic happniess was mine on that note.

Those odd phrases the hoes did quote

Rekindled my mind, making it float.

Hatred and misery, I fear to show

The others my work or else those will flow.

I too mocked the lovely high prose

Their pretensious ramblings, my own new ego.

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