Unwanted LOVE


Tell me where,
Where you at?
Where you at?

The warmth of tor smile
made me want you even more,
My heart is like a broken vase,
In pieces,
On the floor

That's why anything you say isn't worth a dime,
Cause you try to fool me every single time,
At the same time I'm angry,
But the thought of you makes me happy!

Sweet sounds of my heart sings,
Melody take me away,
Yes the more you played me,
the more I wanted you to stay,
I will always love you forever and a day.

I never wanted to fell this way... but,
I didn't know how to control it,
Everyday you kept hurting me,
But I was too blinded by your fake affection and thought it was love.

But now the voice of love is broken, those words of promise never again to be spoken
you've killed my hearts rythm,
when you forced a new heart schism, but
In my chest lies my heart,
Laughing to be alive again.

I was falling for you,
And I thought you were too,
but instead of catching my fall,
you walked away from it all!


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