unwanted guest, living with Depression

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 11:15 -- Amtracy

i’m sorry 

i’m not mad at you 

it’s not you 

it’s me and my 

unwanted guest 

she lives inside me 

sucking the electricity out of me 

sitting in me waiting to drain 

every ounce of water  

from my body 

she leaves my cabinets 

empty from all food 

she never cleans up after 

the messes she makes 

my plates and bowls are shattered 

she did it 

the television hasn’t worked in two months 

she took the electricity 

its dark in me now 

i don’t think she’s leaving 

i want her gone 

she’s polluted the air 

i can’t breathe 

sometimes i wish 

i’d stop 


-       unwanted guest, living with depression 


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