The Untold Story About Deportation

Aren’t laws and regulations supposed to be great for our country?

Well, I am a clear example that this is not true

The government thinks that separating a family because of immigration issues is ok

I mean, they are just doing their work, right?

But does the government ever think about the trauma it causes these children and even their parents?

Deportation was a word that at 11 I did not know what it meant

It was a word that was going to affect my life forever.

It is a word that I have disliked for about 8 years now.

It is a word that has kept me from my mother, sister and father

Today I am not afraid to talk my life. Today I stand tall because regardless of what the government did to my family and I, I can say that in the end our love was eternal for one another.

But I will say that I will have a gap in my heart for all those years that the government made my parents wait, and that my mother is still waiting.




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