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I love you till my death
And you don’t even sit flowers on my grave
Because I’m not here to remind you
Not that my love refines you
I just want mutuality
For you to think of me the same way I do you
For my love not to be in vain
For these tears not be so shamed
I love, to love you
But you love yourself more
If fact your so oblivious of these feelings you wouldn’t hear it knocking at your door
I hate to love you
Because all those around me find me
foolish to love someone who doesn’t care
who doesn’t spare my feelings
who doesn’t dare to love me back
Never setting your pride aside
But even still I’d be second tier
I’d be first in line for your show
First in line for the ticket, sitting in the front row
But that wouldn’t matter to you
No not to you…


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