Tue, 06/16/2015 - 00:53 -- eddy224

I know, I know

it's just my hormones telling me what to think, what to feel

that this highschool thing is just for fun,

don't get too invested because he'll break your heart,

and there's no chance it'll last anyway.

What with college? 

And the rest of your life ahead of you?

hah. no way. just have your fun and don't get your feelings too attached.


But how do I explain that this loose however-many line thing

is nothing compared to the novel he deserves.

That however many days they say I've wasted away by picking a highschool relationship, 

he's rescued so many.

Or he is one of the things on a very short list that keep me sane in the hormone-drenched hallways.

I can't.

But one day when you see the way I look at him, I won't have to.


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