I'd seize to think;
it takes too much time.
but nevertheless
these are worth being on my mind.
what I am thinking,
you will never know.
as this feels like concussion,
due to that deadly blow.

I await recovery,
that I know will never come,
its not happening overtime,
I am left dumb.
beneath that sheet
a mattress lies,
and on that mattress
I will die.
no coverings,
no pillows,
nothing at all.
just that mattress,
the place I will crawl
when I fall.

I don't wish to awake,
when I reach that place,
and if I don't go soon enough,
my life I will take.
suicide yes,
I'm loving that word,
as living is hard
in this terrible world.

I wana go rest,
in a lonely place,
set my spirit to roam
and heart to stop race.
this is the time,
no more time to wait,
take my life before it's too late.
too late?
yes.. too late to Die..
for I am tired of living,
in terror and lie.


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