The fuels rise the prices as the flames push away from the magnetic pull

The red heat waves against his skin as his past scars open and curl up into a burning sensation

His skin rips cell by cell and his bones creak louder than the attic’s floor

Weak, he was weak


His large and glaring eyes scream his desires to bleed success

Although the symphonies of his ideas could never be actually created in the physical world

Only the pull and tug of the abundant doubtful hands threw his dreams and aspirations into a bottomless dark hole and all faith is burnt into ashes

The slit of his throat as he pours his blood to those in need of a breath

Yet, those who shed a tear for him - he whips away and considers the tear as disrespect


Stay quiet and listen to the sounds of suicide travel through his veins

The jaw clenches as he holds on to his sins

Breath - breathe

Breath - breathe

He is no longer with you

You left him - all alone


Veins cut open

Mouth shut

But his ears always there to listen


All he asked for was silence to hold on to his wrist and never let him go


He tightly grabs

Clenches as every muscle becomes tense

His veins swell up and burst

Where is the purpose for those with glass stained hearts?


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