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Today doesn't have to be great,

heck it doesn't even need to be decent.

Days are just 24 hours,

Hours are just 60 minutes

Minutes are just 60 seconds

and time,

time only matters with what you do with it.

Not every bad second will create a bad minute

a bad hour

a bad day

a bad week

a bad month

or even a bad year.

To exist in time is to exist in a continuum 

that can neither rewind nor stand still,

but one that moves forward.

So you had a bad day, so I had a bad day.

It just becomes a part of your continuum; a fixed moment.

So you had a bad day, well doesn't everyone?

Isn't the reason there for rebellion because perfection is too boring?

Be rebellious and test the limits

but also be able to reign yourself back in.

So you had a bad day, go home.

Go home and do what makes you happy:

Eat cookie batter till your stomach hurts, 

binge that soap opera on Netflix for unrelenting hours,

and if you need to

let the tears fall till they fall no more. 

Dance like no one watches,

blast the music so loud that your ears break,

crawl into bed so that you can block out the world,

punch the glaring red pillow that stares right back at you

gasp for one last breath of air


Scream so loud that someone runs to your aid,

scream to feel your voice violenty vibrate making your head spin,

release yourself from all the pain for just one little moment,

be free.

So you had a bad day, fall into the arms of love.

Let them wrap you so close that their heart beats against your ear.

So you had a bad day, drift off into dreamland.

Sleep knowing that tomorrow brings something new

hear the squeak of the wipe against the board. 

Every day a new beginning.

So you had a bad day, so I had a bad day




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free spirited

Because everyone feels alone until someone shows them they're not. Bad days happen to let the good ones shine.

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