Untitled #36

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 20:54 -- Tajaya

Dear Loneliness,

Funny to meet you here again

In those who always said they would never leave me

In those who always said they would never hurt me


Your name ring in my ear like tinnitus

Your the crucifixtion every time I feel like I have resurrected from your embrace 

And escape the dullness you bring

Packed in your smile like an overflowing suitcase

If you were a sin I would have a reserved spot right next to Satan

I guess your the thing that defines me

We're deeply woven,tangeled and knotted 

Like a black girl's natural hair on a bad hair day

Tell me

What's your favourite way of ruling your kingdom?

Attacking the brain or puncturing the heart? 

Spitting your lies and broken promises?

Reminding me to have trust issues

Reminding me to become numb randomly?


Dear Loneliness

You fathom me everyday 

Surprise me evryday with your expected rejection

I think I've become so use to your attacks 

That constantly I sit back and I ask

Oh Loneliness

Dear Loneliness

what untruthful Lazarus do you have planned for my destruction today?

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