Tue, 09/04/2012 - 13:05 -- hnmull

It is what's here, it's all around 
Its fully encompassing, from top to ground
The story of you, the demise of me
The beginning of life, the end to the dream,
The stream of all thoughts, the faithlessness and the hope,
What throws us under, what helps us float
The reason we're here, the reason we leave,
it clouds our vision, but helps us see.
Life is fluid, life is stoic,  what we push toward,
It twists and turns, sideways, wrong ways, but always forward
life is an illusion that makes our reality
Life affects all thoughts and feelings retroactively
We go with the flow, moving, always moving
We stumble and fall, never knowing where we're going.
But we get up, keep going, because that's the reason:
The never knowing.


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