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It's dark, cold, and rainy. I am alone for the first time in my life. My parents got in a fight and left me here. Dad was an alcoholic, mom was just tired of all my dad's nonsense and couldn't take it anymore. Nothing mom said could calm dad enough to just take a breather. They argued for a while but then things got out of control. So, they split up for a few hours. Dad went to the bar to get his mind off things and mom just went for a walk. So I sit here and can only imagine what will happen next. I can only hope things will work out and that I won't be alone for much longer. Suddenly, I see my mother walking back face down and hands in her pockets. I stutter to say something but nothing came out and she walks right past me. Not a word comes from her mouth, not even a glance up at me. Then dad pulls up in the driveway, and as he leaves the drivers seat he slams the car door shut, stumbles and stomps up the porch stairs. Daddy's drunk, and this isn't going to be good. My eyes start to tear up as I hear my parents beginning to fight once again in the other room. I can't take anymore of this so I decide to take a walk and try to cool myself off. About one hour later, I return back home from my walk and up my porch steps and out of nowhere, a huge BAM! was all I heard. My ears start to ring and for a moment I lose my hearing. As I stick my index finger into my ear to clean out my ears and gain my hearing again I open the front door and from there, it was black and blurry. I wake up to another loud BAM! and once again I lose my hearing and try to gain it back by repeating the previous procedure. My eyes bled with fear all I remember was my mom lying on the ground silent and finally peaceful and my dad smiling in his rest. I have never seen my parents look so peaceful in my entire life as I had at that very moment. The room was painted red and now I live with new parents, in a new home, and I am never alone. My guardians never fight often and when they do it's never severe. I am in a good home now safe and secure living happily and healthy once again.

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A very old poem of mine I was a rather depressed girl when I wrote this for God only knows why

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