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All the break-up songs in the world couldnt express this hurt
What hurts most is looking down and seeing movement
reminder of that little human growing inside me
a seed we planted in love
that same love that I say you walked away from and left me in alone
the same love that you may say I pushed you away from with mixed emotions and crazy text over the phone
the same love that lingered between us for two years without contact on my part
that drove the curiousity to let us try things out
oh how I hate to see how we failed
I hate to see that we have grown so far apart
I hate to see that the love we once shared has diminished
disappeared into thin air, almost over night it seems
it's crazy because in my eyes were perfect for each other
I don't know about you but in my eyes what we had, though it needed work, was gold
and yet I let it slip through my fingers like water running from the faucet
down the drain it went
and what hurts the most is we both know theres no going back from here
no turninng around or trying again
hell, we can't even be friends
I look down again
the tears are steadily coming
I regret being a woman filled with feelings and emotions and a baby by a man that I love
that loves me no more
you know what hurts most
I was afraid of this
tried to avoid this crazy shit
I heard my heart and ignored it
had my mind made up once I thought about it
and it's sad that a couple of words and tears from you made me say fuck it, lets do this
looking back that was stupid
but from where I stand now I see no mistakes, but blessings
no regrets, only learned lessons
and my tears are not in vain
for though I hurt now it won't keep me down
because with Kamauri I'll love again


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is about lessons one values

everything happens for a reason

it's about growth and knowing that one deserves better

your poem reflects that beautifully

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