Mon, 05/27/2013 - 18:28 -- aguidry

Love. Love is so much more than just a kiss on the cheek, giving someone a ring, or being on TV because you're a teenager with a baby. Love is something we feel and give, a reason for people to want to live, but who do we share it with?
God has commanded us to love all as He still loves us though we often fall short of His glory. To forgive each other for our transgressions and share with each other our each and every blessin's, yet we do not.
That girl knows she is unwanted by the world. To be unloved is her greatest fear that has now become her reality thanks to her peers. She doesn't know how much Christ values her and delights in her because no one took the time to show her. Her joy. Her joy has been lost for far too long. She's forgotten the words to the song she used to sing. The slander, the gossip, the harmless teasers to please yourself at her expense only because she's different. A stranger, an outcast, weird, the scars last. I don't know about you, but I'm sorry ain't no band-aid!
Dirty, hungry, cold, broken, spit-on, ignored, forgotten, but still human. Created and loved and cherished by God who, with the same hands created you and me and everything and drowns it all in love and grace. But then you see a broken man's face. His scarred heart is too weak to cope. He feels like he has no hope as if it has been stolen and forgotten. You look at him and see how rugged he is, but you refuse to see the man. The man under the grit. You eye him suspiciously thinking he just wants money. You pass him with fear- I bet he just wants one more beer. Well maybe he does, but don't judge because you didn't take the time to listen to his story. Maybe he just wants love and needs love and God's grace to forgive him for his mistakes.
So why do we spend our time with words of daggers hidden behind the backs of those who cry and/or contemplate suicide? Do you look down on others with less than you, or envy others who have more than you do? Do you judge instead of love?
This spill is for you, but it's also for me. When will we wake up and finally see true love and true beauty as God intended it to be? So don't just love your neighbor as yourself but as Christ loves you and everyone else, for we are to be the lights shining in the world of darkness. Encouraging, forgiving, and loving others. For it seems we have forgotten that we are all brothers.


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