Until We Meet Again


"Grandma, won't you stay with me?"
The young girl begged and pleaded
Her grandma took her by the hand,
Paused, and then proceeded
With a stern look, she told the girl
"I don't believe I can
I'd love to stay and chat
But God has different plans"
A selfish wave consumed the girl
As she began to cry
"But grandma I love you too much
To ever say goodbye"
Her grandma lifted her chin
And said "Now, listen here,"
Wiped the tears from her cheek
And told her not to fear
She pointed to the young girl's chest
Said "we'll never be far apart,
For when you miss your grandma
You can find her in your heart"
At this, the girl smiled
And said one last goodbye
From then on her grandma watched her
From her true home: in the sky...


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