Until the Night Breaks (I know)

What awakens my eyes?
What seemingly invisible something
Sparks my passion, without wrinkling my soul
I grow older

And yet my spirit grows young
Some days I arise from my bed
Knowing not from where I've come
But I know, I know

See I know a Man who breaks the night
Who holds the forgotten
Who was wronged for right, right
And righteousness sake

The very Son that rises in my eyes,
The Savior and Messiah whose life
Resides in mine
See I know, I know

They say I have a light and life that glows
I hear them through the cracks of my night time sorrow
My sorrow can run deep
And run and run and run deeper than they know

Not everyday is day to me
Not as the formal, normal mortal eye sees
Some days I feel I'm my very skin the chill if the night itself
Masquerading in its happy day like form

And its then I remember
What awakens my eyes each morning,
This very invisible yet knowable Someone who keeps me
In color, animated every thought, move and utterance
Yes, even in the night He is the crack in my night
The sliver of comfort that urges me on
Patiently waiting with me, lighting my way
My personal dawn
So until the night breaks I know
I know


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