Until Death Has Swallowed Me Whole

It is this idea of mine,

The one we all dream of at some point in time.

We wish to be better than who we were.

Every day I strive to make the best of me,

For I know that without the dream of a better me I can go no further.

Whether you walk with me or not,

Talk to me or not,

Care for me or not,

Or whether you just listen to me or not,

Without my dream of a better me I shall remain in place.

I cannot choose what you say of me,

Or what you think of me,

But only I can choose what it makes me.

It will build my strength, harness my hopes, and keep me from falling.

Your expectations of me,

Will only matter if it is in my own interest.

I will make myself, with or without your help.

Make an attempt to bring me down, I dare you.

I am an empowered human being.

If I fall, I will stand again.

It is my hopes and dreams that make me,

Without them I can go no further.

But no one will deprive me of these without my consent,

And I, shall not give them up until death has swallowed me whole.


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