"Untapped Potential"


 I am an assortment

of untapped potential.

Is this the world's way

of saying I have nothing?


Ten years from now will

I still have potential?

Will my life speak

for itself? Or will I fail?


Listening to the words

spoken to each of us,

it seems we all possess

enormous amounts of potential.


Has potential become

the new back-handed compliment?

Has it developed into

painful words designed to shame?


Can potential be measured?

Can I have more than you?

Could the vice-versa be true?

Who designates potential?


If it were up to me I

would exchange the word

“potential” with the word

“capability”, it suits more.


But capability suggests

I'm able to do something

of worth or value in

our society. Can't have that.


Remarking on untapped

potential is highly

degrading. You crush

me before I even begin.



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