The Untapped Mind


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We werent created weak

with able body and mind. 

Blessed with the power to think

an obligation to stay alive. 

Controll we strive to seek 

some find it more than others. 

Mankind is an only child 

so diverse with many colors. 

We have the potential to surpass greatness

but no one can achieve. 

A burden and a gift 

what the mind can concieve. 


We think we are all deserving of the power we hold true.

Searching for the key and where it is best used. 

Some will spend their days looking but never really find. 

Others come to grips and make the best of their only life. 

No matter how hard you try, as long as you're alive. 

You cannot fully crack the power of the mind. 


When complication is considered. 

We all came to create.

Love is all thats needed, to lead us

away from hate. 

When the difference is made its amazing. 

Belief is all you need. 

Success is only as great as one can percieve. 


Take away your luxuries and what do you have? 

Billions of different people forced to live hand and hand. 

Where's your riches? 

Your glorious life? 

Can you live without

and continue to survive? 

The root of  all evil 

and trueth will collide.

Break the surface. 

Dig deep inside. 

It takes more than strength to survive. 


DISCLAIMER: No one is to copy this poem for personal or comercial use without my permission. 

(C) 2014 


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