Unsuspecting Keys

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 14:42 -- Faashun


I’m always confined

By others who live merrily outside my cage

I’m alone and in this constant bind

Nothing, but me, myself, I and a page

It’s as blank as my future with nothing to find

It’s a pity that this imprisonment fills me with rage


My cries and hollers go to deaf ears

And when they speak to me, I have to listen, like I’m mute

No one can really see me, not even my peers

My words are simply non-existent and minute

This is intertwined with one of my fears

Being alone, being in the dark. Isn’t that cute?


I try so hard to make myself happy

But it’s so hard to do it alone

I’m always adrift in my emotionless sea

A sea that is only monochrome

There are no colors around and it scares me

More fear that constricts my barred throne

Everyone find me worthless, I’m not a necessity

And to my country, I’m just a worthless drone


Those people cannot hear me

They do not care, they have other priorities

Those new purses or a new mall to shop

They have only their infidelities

Their friends I can see

At any moment that will quit at any stop

That façade they have can only appease

Because friends they are? They are not


There are few who can comprehend my state of mind

None of them are here, somewhere far offstage

But in my cage I have something white and lined

Something, a connection to where we can engage

Hopefully the receiver is of my kind

Or this would be a waste of my friend, the page


We write

We fight

But only silently

We do what we deem right

But we do it formally

A quiet few

Who do what we must commit too

I may cower alone in my dark unperceivable cage

And you may be expressing yourself on a lit up stage

Yet when it comes to pen and paper

Our ink lifts off and becomes a creative vapor

They intermingle, converse and combine

It’s the equivalent of meeting for the first time

In our world, no matter where we are

We aren’t quite too far

We connect through the expression of words

May it travel through net, mail or birds

When I write, I realize I am not alone

This is when my cage opens

Literacy, a great invention that we cannot condone

I can explore the written world through my personal lens

This is when I realize, “I am free. I have flown”

All thanks to my best friends, the papers and the pens


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