Hoosick Falls, New York
24 Mechanic Street
United States
40° 46' 26.3352" N, 82° 15' 43.9308" W

From my moment of creation

I had a determination  

I would rule the world, starting with this very nation

Of course I was doubted, ridiculed and laughed at

all great poets and thinkers must accept that

But what set me apart was my unbreakable will, that I would not just sit around and continue down hill

I decided to fight every moment  in life, instead of being sad for myself and crying at night.

Now I know there are times when you must break down, but these times are the ones that shine your crown.

The pain may be great and you want to be weak, but man the victory is just to sweet.

You have to keep fighting and believe in yourself, when others around you only want your wealth.

The fact remains that you are special, so much more than an extra terrestrial 

So fight for your goals and best the best of them

Be unstoppable, show that you're different from the rest of 'em



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