Unspoken Words

I am a woman.

Not an extra emphasis on man to make it sound feminine but an extra emphasis on girl or young lady to make it sound…

I am a woman.

I am that tree that grows out of the ground producing your fruit of your looms, whether or not you choose to care, to take care of them…

I am your woman.

Forever will that fruit tie me with you-

Looking for that next check to come in to make me sound like yo “baby mama”-

I am not that woman.

I am not that woman that tends to beg and plead, asking for forgiveness for I know who I am and what I am…


Strong woman

Independent woman

Not do I need you to disagree not for you to agree.

Opinions, statements, words you feel like you need to say to me…

They pass over like my “life” I thought was good with you-in the past.

I stand on my own.

I think on my room.

I act on my own.

No help is necessary for when I open my eyes, when I look in the mirror, I see nothing else but me-

A woman.

A used to be slave to that man.

A used to be slave to that woman.

A used to be slave to that girl, that boy…

I am…

Survived triumph, survived pain, survived hurt, survived me…

That man.

That man who thinks he can do anything and say anything.

 That man who thinks he can control by putting a hand on a woman,

I am not that woman.

For I’ll be damned if I let a man come and take my place-

As a person, as a being, as me…

For I am that woman.

Who doesn’t need this, that, and the third to make me feel happy.

For when I do what I do, I do it with pride, I do it with confidence, I do it with knowing that I can…



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