An unspoken Contract

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 10:42 -- Haku

I see you as my equal,

your opinions are important to me, too.

We won’t always agree,

We have the right to say no to each other at anytime.


I am not your property, and you are not mine.


We are people.


Who don’t how much time we have together,


      whether that be a day or an infinite number of years


We will look out for each other when times and our lives are rough

We help each other with baggage

Presently, physically, and in thought.

With all this…

There might come someday that we have to say goodbye, for

I will share everything,  

I will care,

and I will love you whether friend, 



or family,

and will remember you to my dying day; you cannot, and can not force me to obey, stay, or do whatever you say.  

If you break this narrative flow:



Is the only thing you’ll hear from our simple pleasantries when we meet


Know now…


 I am saying this truth not be harsh or overly sweet


But if you hurt me and we fail to talk it out


Then I can’t be sure, I  will have full reason to doubt


For I shared my thoughts, my heart, my opinions, my words:


I shared everything


Then if we break all this:

Then fine, we ruin what we had

That’s another challenge to face, another in page to turn in a long narrative.  

For if we are together you know:


I am myself, no one else. You cannot change my main ideas, my past or present narrative that stays or get out of it and find your own to stay


You’ll be just another chapter to the long narrative; I have yet to be written.


We know we have to be our true selves, if anything above all


For we are not parts of something that can not survive with one another but wholes that compliment each through many ways


And all this stuff


For now we both know this unspoken contract


And now I’ve said all this


    know the reason is


Because I love you


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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