Unseen Days

I loved days like these.

The sunny days, where I could run and play. 

I can become a queen of the entire land, ruling with a golden crown.

I can transform into a butterfly as I flutter through fields of flowers. 

I can be a lioness, stalking my prey in the heat of the sun. 

I can be a police officer, fighting crime and racing into danger, or a villain, sweating nervously at the thought of getting caught. 

I can sprout wings and fly towards the sun, not turning back until my cheeks became sun kissed.


The rainy days, where I can be a chef, serving my famous mud pies. 

I can camp out, listening to the rain drum softly upon the roof of the tent. 

I can become a dancer, only performing with the applauding thunder. 

I can become a water fairy, or mother nature, controlling the pelting rain. 

I can lay in forming puddles savoring the taste of raindrops on my tongue. 

I can direct an orchestra with the rain, thunder, and lightning as my instruments. 


The starry nights, where I can watch flickering fireflies buzz about, and join them for a bit. 

I can climb my ladder on a hill, reach a little higher, getting closer to touching the glowing moon every night.

 I can catch a falling star, make a wish, and toss it back up into the nightfall. 

I can defend the land from space invaders, or scare away shadows with my flashlight.

I can sing with the crickets and talk with the owls. 

I can make shapes with the twinkling stars, or just lay on the cool grass until it’s time to place the sun in the sky. 


I can do anything on the days my nurse opens the blinds to my hospital window,

But if only I really could.


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