A new life came into the world
Happy tears, hearts filled with joy
God just set another story to be unfold
He set free an angel, this baby boy
Another human being added to this fucked up society
Nothing is right in this planet we call home.
Everything that surrounds us is full with brutality
That no matter what situation you're in, you feel alone.
Religion and tradition has your mind confused
So many rules you need to follow in order to make people happy
So many things i wish i could refuse
Like making my parents proud and feel unhappy.
See religion tells you what's right from wrong
You cant be who you really are or you will be judged by you're actions
That It makes you feel like you dont belong.
Damn what happened to the saying'this country is free'?
Because of now i feel like my mind is in jail
I wanna free my mind and let it be
I wanna speak my mind when my heart is frail.
If its a free country then set love free
Lgbt is allowed in this world, even if its a sin
Dont judge, because when you judge its also a sin
So in the end i wonder if bringing a new born to the world is worth the contractions
But people cant get enough of all the satifactions.
Now that baby boy has to grow up in this fucked up world
Where people are so fucking cold
He will let society get to his head
Because you're only cool if you smoke this blunt
And if you dont, you're bullied and end up dead
The mother went through so much pain
To only look down on her son
Whos' now on drugs and insane.
In the end nothing matters
You dont matter, what you did bad doesnt matter
People will only remember the good deeds you did
But in gods eyes you're judged since you were a kid
And until then no one can judge me for who i am
Because i believe we are all burrowed from god
We're like gifts to our parents that dont last very long
Thats why you need to be ready and be strong
Because this world is not yours forever
One day you are gone and wont return...never.


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