It must really feel good to be you...

Because, I sit here and think of you every second of every day and it hurts, 

but you are completely oblivious.

For you, "alone time" may be welcomed, you are comfortable under your own sheets.

For me, it's cold even when I'm supposed to be warm, wishing to be held.

Somewhere I know you are smiling and laughing,while at the same time, I'm crying tears of unreciprocated feelings.

Your days may be short and sweet, but mines are long and dreary. 

The thought of not having you kills me, while I probably never cross your mind. 

Everyday, I dress, walk, talk as if you are watching. Breathing and living everyday for yourself, it's like second nature to you. Yet I struggle with not caring, not thinking of you, and trying to remember to exhale.,.

And if breathing isn't hard enough, seeing, hearing your name, your voice...it changes me. My day gets better or worse, but you have no idea...

To be free, must feel wonderful, because you go about every day unknowing,unattached, but my heart is being dragged behind you with every step that you take.

And when you sleep, you are unbothered with thoughts of others. Your rest is peaceful and easy. But sleep for me is hard, with thoughts of you in every fleeting moment of interrupted slumber.

No. I don't sleep easy. I don't breathe easy. My heart is heavy and so are my footsteps and my thoughts and my feeling for you...

But you wouldn't understand, unrequited... Must be nice.




That was amazing! I have felt exactly the same way and never would have been able to put the feeling into words so eloquently.


Thank you! It's usually hard for me too, and it's weird lol, but I was having a moment when the words just came to me. 


Currently going through a break up myself, and as I'm reading this I can't help but think it's scary how accurate this is. Really amazing, I loved it.


Thank you!


This is absolutely beautiful. I love this.


thank you


This is... AMAZING you stated it so gracefully. I just love it!


thank you!


A lot of pain behind that poem. 


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