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I have always hated being seen as “predictable”.

I hate when people underestimate me,

laugh at anything I say,

then tell me “Yeah, right.”


I want to be seen as a mystery box.

Unwrap my case,

you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Each day, will be something different.


But today, I found out that being unpredictable has its consequences.

The phrase “You think you know somebody” is one I’ve just heard.

Because being unpredictable means that the people you know,

never really know you.


Can they trust you?

Can I trust myself?


I don’t know.


Sometimes you paint such a bright picture,

yet all the buyers are only interested in pastels.

You are not want they want,

they are not comfortable with you.


At times, I feel like I should be happy when a person looks at me,

and makes an assumption.

Maybe if they feel sound in their findings,

they’ll want to approach who I am,

because I’m a categorized species,

not an unknown specimen.


Being unpredictable is exactly what it is.


I’ll never know when the eye of the beholder truly sees...me.

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