UnPerfect Girl


I'm sorry I'm not perfectI can only be meI'm sorry I'm not perfectLike the girl you want me to be I'd give anything to make you happySOMETIMES if it makes me sadI'd never do anything to hurt youI don't try to make you mad Sometimes you get angryAnd we start to fightLittle do you knowIt hurts me at night Sometimes I don't knowJust whats wrong with meI don't understandWhy god made me ME Everytime we fightI wish we could feel one another's heart breakSometimes I wonderHow much more just your precious heart can take Sometimes I get so angryI don't know what to sayI feel just like a gameThat everyone wants to play The only thing I need in this worldIs someone who is trueThe only thing I need in this worldis...to be loved by you


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