Unmasking My "Facade"


I'm not going to start this off with the typical line of "Who am I?", because I know who I am.

I don't need you to tell me who I am. I am not Valencia or X Pro Instagram filters. I am not the contrast and highlights of a photograph. No. I am not the tilted head to the right with her left hand on her hip and a sculpted grin. Neither am I my Sunday's Best dress and pumps.

The deepest shades of red lipstick and contoured cheeks can never tell you what lies inside. They'll never reveal my deepest secrets I attempt to hide but are slightly revealed. I am not a copy of Vogue models. This is me. This is real.

I tower at 5'9" weighing 235 pounds and there will never be enough filters to mask my natural beauty. It's a shame we will never see many young adolescents show who they are behind the curtains. However, here's to the ones who are slowly realizing who they are. To those who want to set their foot on center stage. Don't burden yourselves with issues that are not issues to begin with. I was in your shoes once, honey, you don't need to overlap synthetic colors to show your natural hue.

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Our world


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