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One of the Greek Gods is how you may know him, he's the God of the Sea, at the top of the totem. Now that was long ago and far from current day, because if he were here right now he wouldn't want to stay.
The mythical creature hidden in the mountains High above the clouds A fearsome beast waiting for its feast Something in the darkness waiting to be seen
I am your hero, a hero with a fiery passion, my power able to vanquish even the mightiest foes, foes who wish to do you harm.   No dragon is too powerful,
So many sights to see in the open world. A great battle upon mankind and inside them the will to fight. Humans and Mythical creatures either fight or live in harmony.
The sky ignites with cumulus miracles. Stratus embers emerge struck From a light Told to be the mighty plight. Now Ares' fire fights Armed with dawn colored wares
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