This Unknown Feeling

I have this cold feeling, as if I'm frozen from head to toe
All I feel is ice
I want to cry
Because I believe this dark cold soul finally hit me
I just haven't felt this way a long time
I can't remember when was the last time 
I do remember crying myself to sleep or I wouldn't sleep at all 
I would just be zonked

I'm depressed, each day I grow weaker
This depression is just feeling negative
Each day I just want to be left alone 
Hoping one day they understand that message and just forget about me one day 
Just wanting one day, they wouldn't worry so much about me
I haven't had the feeling of hurting myself and I plan on doing that any time soon
I try to be sunny once more but that's just too impossible
Because this dark soul just got to strong me, I feel like it's eating me alive
My loves tells me they miss their cheerful baby girl
But I know how they get 
They just have patience for their last baby girl.

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