I try to scream for help, 

But the words cant escape, they remain still. 
Dreadfulness wash my pain, 
As I slowly drown myself, try to keep myself sane. 
I knew id cry in sorrow, 
The gray cloud over my head would always follow. 
Id continue the blood flowing, 
As it runs down my arm. 
I don't hurt anyone, 
I just bring myself harm. 
I'm a danger to my soul and mind, 
Who knew id become something i never wanted to be? 
I know that sooner or later, id float in the wind, 
But until then, I just drown in tears that formed a sea. 
Is it foolish to beg for mercy, 
When all I want is some comfort of a penny? 
I can dream and seek the world, 
But I might as well be a lonely girl. 
One can never seek my mind, 
For its to dangerous, it might even stop time. 
I close down the clocks, 
I smiled as it slowly stops the ticks and tocks. 
The clouds can cover my eyes, 
Its never right to be hiding the truth, behind a blanket of lies. 
Quit messing with my heart, 
I'm tired of all these stitches when i break apart. 
Slow motion causes destruction, 
Noises cause too much commotion. 
The end of my time has just began, 
Its as if I became sand. 
Slowly disappearing from everyone, 
I now become one with the sun. 
As I said earlier, is it foolish to beg for mercy, 
When all I want is some comfort of a penny 
Now I'm as lost as the stars 
In the universe,  
I just watch others being torn apart. 

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