Universal Resolve


My House
98 North Grant Street
United States
44° 28' 56.8596" N, 73° 12' 34.9452" W

A zealous tempest from within

It craves your triumph, this humorously tenacious emotion 

When conquered by hatred, pain, and depression

It'll arise evermore against all apprehension

Like a blazing inferno that never ceases

This feeling's potential remains unbeaten

Yet it stays chained and shackled inside your soul

When life's misgivings starting taking their toll

Abandoned by those who accept death's control 

Although restrained, it can never diminish

Because this driving force is quite literally infinite

Now the time has come to unleash its true power

Faith and belief will collide ravaging all that is dour 

Your victorious ascension commences at this hour 

 Look inside your hearts, there resides a familiar weapon

A drill named resolve, that's purpose is to pierce the heavens!






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Found this scholarship, remembered my favorite anime, created this poem.

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