Universal Language

Speak my mind, you ask?

Be wary.

I want to take the road less traveled by.

I am absolutely terified that I will follow the same path as everyone else.

 I do not want to be a slave to one career

I do no want to be forced to choose between what is pactical and what I am passionate about

I do not want to be forced into a career and unable to fully enjoy my life until I am retired.

I am not a machine.

I desire to travel.

I want to learn from other people

I want to share stories-

the triumphs

and the downfalls

Right now my view of the world is cofined to my country's customs and beliefs

There is s much more.

I want to learn the universal language

I am lead to belive it is sheer emotion.

The sharing of experieces.

Speak my mind, you ask?

We are not united.



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