Okay so
Nice to meet ya but I wouldn't wanna be ya
Because being myself only gives me a spell
A kind of happiness one could never tell
And a kind of knowledge one could never sell
It's times like these where I just wanna sing
But instead I'll just take out my phone and give you a ring
Let me tell you about my week give you a view of my day
Let's make this pain turn into some form of gain
I just gotta let you know it's on the top that I stand
No longer part of the ground cause that's not who I am
I'm just as good as the ones on top
Only difference is I never stop
Constant on the run, tightened up soldier
With no glass to hold
just pills for composure
Got a million and one hits on my shoulder
But people never wanna get rid of that boulder
It's the time that's still
And it's my soul that flys
I may not be ill, but I do have cries
Yellin for common peace and a bit of acceptance
But those fall upon deaf ears, who are they to reject us?
You know this world is small, people just seem to forget
The kinda treatment you give is the kind of respect you’ll get
So lose the pride, lower that stuck up nose
Cause up your rectum is as far as that would go
Don’t forget my name and don’t overuse it
Sorry, did I hurt you?

Nah, I don’t see no bruises

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