The Uninvited Tenant

Jay was a woman: Elegant, and Porcelain in Her complexion.

She Lit-up Rooms effortlessly, a mere smile was all it took.

Unfortunately, She was fickle, which tainted this perfection.

When in rage, Her fiery eyes spoke of anger with every look.


She visited often, thrice a week at least I surmised

She came, sat and swept all attention with Her coal-black eyes.

Most others would consider Her an off-beat host-

That is, She had control, She was the host.


One night, after the truth was clear to me, She came.

I asked Her to leave but I felt as though I was to blame.

Soon Fear had taken over, Her image burned in purple flame.

I gave up, She had control, She was the host.


Then, She departed hastily, as quick as She appeared

I had control. but Her inevitable return is what i feared.

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My community
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For those that couldn't figure( it can be fairly ambiguous to those unfamiliar). It is about my friend's battle with schizphrenia and though it is super natural in nature, it was as real as can get for her.

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