Unholy Release


The pretty glass looks like jewels

Pick them up, and clench them in your fist

Watch the pretty stream

Trickle down your arm

You know it's wrong,

But it's release


Visual Representation

Of the escape, I wish to feel

No longer trapped, by this body

My life liquid flows freely


Red and Tan, Liquid upon Solid

My troubles on my shoulders

Feel so heavy, and substantial

Forgive this sin that I commit


Hide the remnants of what I've done

Can't let my friends find this out

They'll worry and I don't want that

I can't let them see my sinful act


I need help, but I can't ask

This false sensation ails me

Asking for help isn't a weakness

My brain knows that, but not my heart


Someone sees through my facade

Though I know they're trying to help

I can only push them away

I feel this must be done alone


Build up your House of Cards

The Last Card is almost placed

Their edges turn razor sharp as they fall

Slice through your skin mercilessly

And land with a satisfied sigh


he blood is spilt, so you try again

But it is of no matter now

No matter what, your House of Cards falls

And it makes the gashes once again


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