Unhinged is the name of a book that's written by that Democratic bitch, Omarosa, which is true;

Unhinged has been around for a long time, so it isn't new.


Unhinged is detailing Omarosa's tenure at the White House, as you can see;

That shitty book is also criticizing President Donald Trump and his administration and I'm speaking honestly.


Unhinged is riddled with lies and false accusations;

Unhinged was published in the US nation.


With her book, Omarosa is trying to profit off these false attacks;

That skank needs her ass kicked and that's a fact.


In this fucked up book, Omarosa is labeling President Trump a racist, which he's not;

Omarosa is also a conniving, fake ass, sinful, ghetto ho, who's full of snot.


A person with common sense should avoid buying Unhinged since it was written by that pig-faced lowlife;

Her husband, John Allen Newman, had made a huge mistake taking that heifer as his wife.


I'll avoid buying Unhinged since the book really sucks;

Omarosa continues to be evil as fuck.


Omarosa also continues to be a shitty celebrity and here's something else that I'll say;

Omarosa will burn in hell when she passes away.

This poem is about: 
My country


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