Unheard Hello?Is anybody





Is anybody there?

Can you hear me?


When I have fallen into the deepest part of life

The struggle of trying to make it with no help and no support

Its seems as if I don’t exist when I try to reach out to you


So what is it?

Is it because my skin is too dark?

Is it because of my sexual orientation?

Is it because you cannot understand my accent?

Is it because I don’t have enough money?

Is it because I wear different clothing?

Is it because I am not the “right” weight?

Is it because of my belief?


Why are we unheard, when we do not meet someone else’s qualifications?

How can I get you to listen to me?



Is anybody there?

Why am I unheard?

Guide that inspired this poem: 



The poem talks about how everybody is discriminated in many ways. People are being discriminated because of their race, appearance, weight etc.  This poem mean if you do not meet a certain criteria at times people do not notice you or they look down on you, which means you are not being heard nor listened too.

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