Wed, 05/21/2014 - 02:21 -- tides


United States

I cannot act, I cannot sing

But allow me to tell you what I bring

An artful imagery similar to that of a painting

Without the brush, no rush

Let it go, go with the flow

Thoughts spill out stroking the page

Release the anger, release the rage

Release the frustration, release the pain

Onto the page your thoughts should rain

Don’t think about how to say it or what to say

White clouds and blue skies turn to grey

Grey area… undefined

Not everyone will get it, but that’s fine

Whether or not they get it isn’t the really point

People view things from their own standpoint

Everything in life is left open to interpretation

Just look at the state of our nation

Everyone is so confused

So many conflicting views

No two people are the same

Two people, similar thoughts, different frame

So why not frame it

Allow your thoughts to bless the page to capture the moment

Don’t need a camera, grab a pen

If you so choose, share with a friend

Or don’t… keep it to yourself

Letting it out will help your mental health

Embrace it

Accept it

Be who you are

See yourself from a distance, see yourself from a far

Outward looking in

Step outside your own skin

Window view, get a clue

Enjoy the ride, yahooooooooo

Don’t strive to seek acceptance

Often that’s only a hindrance

Be who you were meant to be

Allow those around you and the world to see

tides ~



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