I, who was born from the particles of life, like you.

A breath into form which

I walk and I sing and I rejoice with you.

All in pleasure soft flesh contained,

But how hasted with quick flash

Across memory do you turn

Into anger and ugly reply?

Together you who have embraced me

With the hands of welcoming set determination,

Has, with sweeping sweat from some unclarity,

Slapped me across the cheek.

Which returns a burn and embarrassment with

A hatred.

I see you and your mighty sword rusted with disdain.

You foul my name and curse my soul.

I, who never said goodbye to the old,

Am thrown away into anguish.

Assembly of strength between fingers.

I do hate and I hate you.

A shoulder to shoulder,

You lent me your sores, red and dark.

I now give you what you gave me,

An open frozen petal from flower whole.

Betrayed am I and you will weep for 

The things you have brought.

What you have done.

Nothing to measure to.

And I



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