Sedated hearts and medicated minds move in monotony like the spin cycles on washing machines. The reproduction of endless nothingness like abandoned crime scenes. Faint shots in the dark and no one arrested, just an empty graveyard  where lost souls are vested.

Once a beautiful memory, now a heinous catastrophe.
There's no more forgiveness left in thee.
Without love there can be no peace.

An abundance of  vice... cutting through the soul like a comma splice . A Cold War in which nothing is nice. The fatal anesthesiologist of your own life. The needles entice, is the intravenous injection really worth it's asking price?

Sedated hearts and medicated minds subconsciously assaulted, although the conscious is vaulted, there rocks the Trojan Horse; all these acts you've endorsed. Ultraviolet rays leave your mind in a haze and your heart dazed. This Propofol got you fallin'. And now you seeing things on this Ketamine. Fentanyl got your mind in military doin armed drills. But leave it to the Zipoclone to have your heart completely gone.

Misery stuffed inside commonality like the middle filling of a scone. The rambunctious, hypnotic, self-prophesying individuals trapped in their own time zone. Failing to admit the fact, that this medically induced heart attack is coming bigger than Shaq, and harder than a line backer blitz on the sack. Something that they fail to stop because of things they refuse take back. One would say a reprobate  mind isn't something that they lack.

Now unless you confess to this, and renew your mind, this is a life changing event you'll miss. Come to grips with yourself and realize that forgiveness will revitalize your mental, physical, and spiritual health. All the false claim of gain had your heart in pain until you came into real wealth. The wealth of your true self.  Now you see that what is meant to be will be, and all those who disagree  are caught up in insanity.

Your heart is no longer under sedation. This non medicated mental procreation will heal a broken nation, that's under subjection by those who are still cursed with this infection. But you!, you are free. No longer chained by your introverted mental monotony, or your encapsulated irregular heartbeat. All those things that you've failed to see you see. Now let the wave of innovation carry you out to sea. With nothing left to say besides there's a brand new kind of me. I'm a brand new kind of free. The sedated heart and medicated mind finally had to flee. Unforgiveness.


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