The Unfeinged Growth

Post it. Proof.

Let everyone know.

Im not who I used to be.

It is not there if it is not shown.

Did everyone see?

How I have grown?

The smiles, the success, the glee? 

Hello? Did you know?

Did you see?

I have grown! 

The growth, the triumph, how I am free? 

Everyone has seen, everyone has known

My success has been blown into the sharing machine of modern technology 

I have to protect my prophecy! 

But the only way to safe guard a prophecy is to believe it 

Live it, Own it

The true growth cannot be shared, posted, bragged about

The true growth is the realization and the belief that you have reached your own personal goals.

When you are your own motivation to rise up from your failures.

Not to prove to the world that you are richer.

Because then you are not richer, you are artless.

Stuck to the idea that you must rise to the top to prove something to the world.

Prove your triumph to yourself.

With that you can only rise higher.

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Our world


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