There is more than simple oxygen

in every


I exhale.

There is every syllable I never divulged,

every word that shimmered along my tongue

but never permeated my teeth.


In a breath, coexists


and every drop of Euphoria my lungs could grasp,

pivoting and coiling

in the back of my throat,

dreaming to be uttered, released

but reluctant to go.


I linger there in a half breath

just an instant too long;

the words expire and the silence floods.

In my oxygen I emit my truths:

my promises and observations,

ghosts of sentences never articulated.


And I return to a

`                       mere


pain glistening in my eyes.


I have never spoken





I just wanted to let you know that this is a really fantastic poem. A really powerful selection that made me feel the emotion behind the words as I read.

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