Une Femme

Je suis une femme
A strong one at least
One that laughs
One that cries
One that screams
One that dies
Morbid, gruesome, secretive
A box of many charms

You'll find out once you open 
Pandora's Box
That I am not a as helpless as you once believed

Oblivious child, you won't fool me
For the darkness has overtaken me
Strong and broad is the chest
Of the man I once knew
A man with strong intelect a man with a virtue

I won't let you control me
I refuse to give myself out
For I am not a prostitute
Nor I interact with the wrong crowd 

I will live as long as inspirations allow
The voice of a woman
The voice of the crowd

I reckon you're quite afraid
For my valiant serpent shut your mouth
But fear not little one
All will be good
All is good



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