The Undiscovered Truth


Shes afraid of originality, so she doesnt speak her mind. 
But from time to time i get her to convert to the other side.
Patronized for the simple things. 
Recieving excruciating pain for the worst.
None of this her fault, we all believe its her fathers curse.
Mistreating and abusing women.
Tricking them into dilusion.
But himself he doesnt listen.
and through all his daughter's , the curse is proven. Predestination,  their life choices were already chosen.
Never keeping relationships.
Heartbreaks become a nuisance.
And they all get abused. 
oh how they all get used.
Others turn to help , but herself tried to self medicate. 
The placebo is the word love but shes addicted to the hate. 
So she turns to another, and one after the other. Using sex as her outlet.  
these guys only temporarily  relieve her of her pain.
But in this game of life, wrong is fair, and whats fair aint.
so she keeps making mistakes
but how much can miss take?
She pleads to God. Trynna catch a break, but in the end of it all she finds herself on the brink, the end. She's done. She no longer wants to feel the need to run. 
"Please relieve me from this stress. Or maybe this is a test. Well better luck next time cause I failed, friends think I prevailed. Well the fact of the matter is. I'm dead. Suicidal thought parade through my head. Given up on life and everything as a whole. They say we all go through hard times well. This dark,  twisted era, took a toll. Makes me reevaluate my presence,  ...Please Lord, enlighten me of my significance in this world. Nothing was the same since I was a little girl. All I ever done. Was give and THEY take, all I ever made was one little mistake,  and that's allowing myself to trust and to forgive. THEY drained me of any sympathetic emotions.  I wanna drown with pills and potions. But every dog has their day, so maybe one day. Justice might be served.  ONE DAY

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