Understanding What is Given


   I am understanding.

I wait for things longer than I should; promise after promise I’m still waiting.

I understand the conditions of life even as a little child. I don’t know where this ability to give a second change came from, but I call it a gift from God.

I give you years of no complaining; you may not even know that I understand.

And even forget the whole thing.

I am patient

I give you the slap on the hand and move on.

No need to apologize, I have already forgiven you.

I am human. You are human.

I am different from the others stable and in place.

I never forget or use it against you; I see you trying to do all you can.

So why should I judge? For you are doing your best.

Even if it hurts to know you don’t put any attention to my request.

I will always forgive no matter what; as I said before a gift from God.

I am understanding.


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