At Underscore Infamous

All I wanted was a little attention
All I wanted was a little fame
Under my Sisters’ wings’ all my life I had lived
All I wanted was my own name.

Ahh, but alas some clichés hold true
That being famous is no good
The limelight has a dim hue
To turn the hands of time oh I wish I could.

I was like any young girl
I dreamed of wealth and admiration from the world
So to get there what did I do?
I let my hair down and my last name? Gorgon, that had to go too
Medusa alone suited me just fine
I knew of celebs that dropped unwanted names all the time.

With this new name and my new look
I’m was sure to get snapchat views, and more friends on Facebook
Did I mention my Instagram check mark?
I had arrived! And to think I use to live in the dark.

Every social media opp you could count me in
Anywhere you seen Athena I was there like a Siamese twin
Athena, showed me all the ropes, and told me of all the men
But made me vow to only look, because to touch one was a sin.

To touch a man or lose it all?
This beautiful lock haired vixen would not trip, slip, or fall
I played by the rules; I turned down dates
Until one day there would come a man that would change my fate.

He was nice and maybe easy on the eyes some would say
Persuasive, captivating, manipulating even
But Poseidon would not get me, a virgin I wished to stay
He used words, cheap tricks and finally brute force the heathen!

I had all the fame and had never known love
Now here I was being taken on the temple floor
I fought, I scratched, and screamed to the Gods above
Yet not one heard my cry, and I was a virgin no more

Then suddenly from the shadows crept a familiar voice
Athena! Thank heavens I cried and rejoiced
I flung to her waist as a child to a mother
Yet with her actions she rejected me, a word she did not utter

Instead she smiled at Poseidon then took out her phone
There’s only room for one superstar here sis
It looks to me here a virgin no longer exists
You have been too reckless and disobedience you have shown

I was speechless as a one-time friend said these words
It dawned on me her jealousy had her vision blurred
Surely she would realize the error in her decision
Think it over even, give me hope for revision.

All I wanted was attention and fame
I didn’t ask for the rape, ridicule, and shame
Nevertheless, it all came the same
I thought I could change it, but I became another toy in the game.

Athena, why worry of enemies when I have you as a friend
Those were my last words before my fifteen minutes came to an end
The next time I saw myself I had sand paper skin
Sharp, yellow teeth, and breath that was sure to offend.

My once beautiful locks now cold blooded serpents that hissed
The wings I was once under were now upon my back
My eyes bloody red and my mortality I lacked
I was now a monster, and my once dull life I reminisced.

I am to roam the world forever as a beast all alone
I cannot dream, not love the darkness is my home
Now I have no friends because my gaze turns all into stone
I wanted to be the bomb and now I have blown.

The family I tried so hard to depart
I am a Gorgon, where I should have stayed from the start
The price for fame and popularity was far too steep
I am only known for the bad, the good I cannot keep.

For all my likes and mentions do not matter
They constantly add to the downfall in my story
In the end perseus had my head on a platter
Can you believe it, a man yet again getting my glory?

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