what does unconditional mean, really?

is unconditional love loving someone with disregard for those qualities they don’t like?

or is unconditional love accepting every part of a person? loving all of them?

is unconditional love creating someone else

in place of that person

so you can pretend you really love them?

because i don’t think we’re on the same page.

do you really love him? or do you love the delusion you have of ‘her’?

i think you love her for the name that makes him sick.

i think you love her for the face that feels unreal.

i think you love her for the voice that makes him cry.

i think you love her for the god that gives him no hope.

but do you love him? do you love who ‘she’ really is?

do you really love him, who she has become, this boy who likes boys and girls

do you really love him, who has revealed to you his anger and his sadness

do you think that by loving her, a person who is no longer real

you’re loving him?

how do you show your love for either of them?

did you think you were showing love when he backed away sobbing?

did you think he felt loved when he pulled himself tight, tight, tight

when he coiled himself as small as he could

when he sobbed for you to please stop yelling, just please stop yelling

or at least let him sit down, at least let him sit down

did that feel like love to you?

is it really the best for him to cut him off?

one more slip up and it’s all over, for the best

you mess up again and we’re taking you away, for the best

lie once more, no more friends, no more school, but it’s for the best

whose interests are you really keeping in mind when you make him suffer

for a religion that isn’t his?

what does unconditional mean, really?

i don’t think it means loving her instead of him.



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